Monday, December 8, 2008

---------we live in a fairytale world--------

Once upon a time, there lived 4 princesses in a land called "Jug-car-Ta Faraway From Malaysia"..
These 4 beautiful princesses live as a happey family in a palace called The TehKotak Palace.The eldest princess is called Princess Lily Aurora.The second eldest is Princess Zoe Belle. The other two princesses are twins cos the narrator nk dorg jd twins jugak...they are Princess Fana Snowy and Princess IkaRella..

The Sultan of the land ( Pak Jusoh kot~) have a big tea plantation..that's how their country sgtla well-knowned dgn exportation of air teh... The people of Jug-car-Ta Faraway love their princesses a lot because each of them haf their own unique specialities yg dorg je ade..and these 4 princesses have the kindest heart, soft beautiful voices, graceful walks, intelligent thinkins n were very down-to-earth
btw, they are Witch Princesses..meanin each of them haf special super powers yg extremely powerful la..

Startin wif the eldest,

Princess Lily Aurora,

Lily is also knowned as "The Sleepin Beauty"..hmm..y eh?? well obviously cos she's a beauty who sleeps the most in the palace..reason of long-lasting sleep is for her beauty for sure n for resting,relaxin her mind..sbb as a princess, bnyk kne blaja new protocols of the palace n the royal life..studi lagi kat for sure she needs to the reason y her sleep is the most dr princess 3 org tuh still dlm kajian knights, royal analysist n the guards.. sleepin is her superpower...she's the one wif the charm of sedatives..kre if u see her..u'll sedated to sleep becos of her beauty..inside n out..quite but dangerous..uuu

The second eldest,

Princess Zoe Belle

Zoe is also knowned as "The Melody" as she loves to sing..In the palace, the one who sings their heart out without thinkin of others is Zoe Belle..she'll sing n sing everytime she feels like it..even though waktu x seswai utk nyanyi pun she'll sing..she loves to have music as background fo every event n situation..walupun impossible la fo that to happen..the royal weather forecaster always giv early warnings to the people of Jug-car-Ta everytime Zoe Belle starts singing..sebab her voive is so "musical" smpai it will rain ble she starts singin..she cares a lot for her other sisters n tends to be protective towards the others..her superpower is singing..she uses her imagination to potray lots of stuff thru music and art..she's fun and intelligent..uuuu

Next is,

Princess Fana Snowy

Fana, also known as "The Graceful One".. tp her gracefulness is still in training..since she's one of the youngest so everythin maseh ditrain oleh ketue dayang....she's the one who follows her heart..witty but very softee..she is princess pertame yg penah ermm..ter'fall' down tnpe angin,ribut kat of Jug-car-Ta Faraway..mcm mane bole ter 'fall' maseh dlm royal investigation...Fana Snowy also is the one yg sisters die akn turn to ble de prob..she has super ability of listenin to her sisters probs n tries hard to help...super healing ability..her superpower is her laugh...she will laugh at any jokes n that makes us feel a lot better especialli ble we had a rough die de hubungan dgn ketua dayang Madamoiselle Nani...hubungan sulit die selalu saje ditegah sultan, ibu ketue dayang she still continue the relationship..kre..i jump,i die,u jump,u die la..she's quick,swift yet graceful...uuuu

Last but not least,

Princess IkaRella

IkaRella..The perfect name...xde a.k.a..sbb the name mmg suit her perfectly..
she's the one yg dinasihatkn oleh the other 3 princesses to be back b4 midnite everytime she went out wif Tun B...n for now..she never left any glass shoes sbb no news from the guards lagi..she's very kind n haf the highest concern for her 3 sisters..she's soft-spoken, generous, and very much pretty..
every week if there's nuthin else to do,die de bnyk free time, she will meet her prince charming sumwhere in the land and we sisters tinggal kat palace..smbung blaja protocols..alahai
her superpower is her smile..smiling for any reasons jer..sumtimes smile die bermakne..the royal fortune teller maseh meneliti mksud stiap snyuman die..da bwat smile album lagi for each,mksud,smile,mksud..kasi senang sket keje the other princesses nk menafsir..


till one nite.. demons n dragons from the dark side of the land try to invade their privacy..

demon I - berkeliaran2 di luar istana
demon II - di sebalek kandang putih tinggi
warlock III - super ganas...di sebalek pagar hitam berlubang
demon IV - ari ni die pasif..tido..di kurung di dungeon hijau
dragon V - mengeluarkn bunyi menakotkan dr kandang merah
demon VI - baru je menetap di Jug-car-Ta Faraway.dlm kndang hitam

One nite, all the beautiful princesses are on their way back from a prom party at the house of their senior princesses..yg located at Gang 2..the 4 of them noe the halangan n dugaan yg akn nite nie..the demons n dragons of the land mmg mengganas..seeking for victims..but since they r princesses wif special super witch powers dorg gagahkn jugak walk by feet pulang ke TehKotak Palace..

mse tgh jln2 pulang, all of them were singing happily..lagu baldu BIRU (ella awie) n lagu lukisan alam (hijjaz)..n when they haf reached THE JUNCTION nk masok ke their palace.. Princess Zoe n Princess Fana noticed demon I tgh bertegor sape ngn demon II..they hold their hands titely..
Princess Ika N Princess Lily were as calm as a cucumber..but most probably sbb dorg tak perasaan kwujdan the damn demons..n when dorg da masok the junction..Princess Fana n Zoe dpt rasekn bad intuition..demon I mle mengejar ( de kat blakang la) n sudenly DEMON I,II mule screechin n barkin their heads off..ALL THE PRINCESS DA CUAK NK MATI..
so they ran sekuat ati!!!!

on the way..all the other dragons n warlocks..blakang kndang2 n sangkar merah,hijau, hitam telah barked jugak!!! the princesses lupe langsung pasal superpowers dorg n teros LARI..
mlm yg meletihkan n menakotkan..Princess Lily lari sambil bwk bekal mknan from the prom..
kalu la de paparazi time tu mmg bwk malu keluarga diraje..
berlari dgn kain terangkat2..(pakai dresses tuh!!)..mmg burok la takot punye pasalkan..



pOpkoRnt said...

huahuahauhuahuahuahuahauhuahu serious maluu!!!! siap bwk bekal lg tuh erkkkk malu3333~!!!
princess N sggup tingglkn i lg..sob..sob..~

[e.i.y.k.a.a] said...

hahah. kasot dc mahal owh.
xleh tggal2. dye x jual plak yg sebelah jek. :P

anyway.. i like the name lor.
ikarella. :D

demon2 mmg mencabar kewibawaan princess2.
pasnih kne kuakan perintah sembelih jek demon2 tuh. wanted dead. xnak alive. :P

fAnA said...

nk sembelih???
wah kne samak la cm2 nnt...

zoe sawyer said...

bukan perintah saje..
mlm ni jugak sye usol ke sultan soh start bwat akta dn sebagainye

mmg burok benar lari td..

saer~~ said...

eh,ni masa smlm kew??
haha...patot pon smlm tgk muka cuak smacam jewk....huhu

ps:sowi ar xleh nak pinjam beskal sbb aku pon cuak gak nga anjing itam tuh...XD

inK™ said...

cnme korg bt team member ek?? utk blog ni? fana..aja sket..


zoe sawyer said...

anjeng itam tu la yang bedebah tuh!!haih!!

pOpkoRnt said...

erk xngerti pe yg ink ckp tuh???
hikhik sowwy~~

fAnA said...

team member???
fana kn "rajin" 2 sbb skit...

fTynN said...

darling! hoooo!
ko ade blog x bgtaw aku pon! xpe xpe. wawawa

pOpkoRnt said...

erk sorry2...lame xcntct maaa
ko pon jarang je on YM..